Sweet Crosstalk

Training Programme

The overarching aim of the Sweet Crosstalk ITN  is to understand at a molecular and structural level how glycans and glycoconjugates are involved in homeostasis and dysbiosis at the human mucosa–microbiota interface, and how this correlates with human health and disease. One key objective in facilitating this is to train 15 early-stage researchers (ESRs) within this network in all scientific and non-scientific aspects related to glycoscience and human microbiome research to become true interdisciplinary glycoscientists. One crucial aspect of this training will be on basic and advanced practical research skills that the ESRs will receive during their research project at their host institution and the planned secondments (see ESR project descriptions for details).

Equally important, the ESRs as a group will also partake in a comprehensive training program of courses and workshops covering all key topics involved in becoming both a successful scientific researcher in gen

eral and an expert in the glycoscience of the gut microbiome.

Five scientific skills workshops:

  • Fundamental Carbohydrate Chemistry & Biology
  • Glycosciences in Science & Technology
  • Glycan Structural Biology, Analytics & Computational Studies
  • Glycans in Microbiota and Mucins
  • Microbiota in Health & Disease and Glycotherapeutics & Diagnostics

Five transferable skills courses:

  • Research Ethics, Outreach to Society & Organisation
  • Communication – Scientific presentations
  • Communication – Scientific writing
  • Entrepreneurship, IP & Business Plans
  • Funding & Career Perspectives