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2020-11-16 - Sweet Crosstalk ITN News

Our Sweet Crosstalk ESRs improved their writing skills over a 6-weeks course with #Artesc! Thank you Gijs Meeusen and his team for this great, different and engaging way of teaching the Art of Writing Science! https://t.co/4gpCrdaiId

2020-10-14 - Sweet Crosstalk ITN News

Congratulations to our Sweet Crosstalk ITN PhD student @Mollydotpither at @MolinaroTony group with her 1st first author paper! https://t.co/ayVY7OgOAz

2020-09-29 - Sweet Crosstalk ITN News

RT @WennekesLab: Tenure track Assistant Professor in Biological Chemistry (1.0 FTE) with a focus on glycans and synthetic biology. Deadline…

2020-09-16 - Sweet Crosstalk ITN News

Congratulation👏 to our Sweet Crosstalk PhD student, Paole @paola_9229 in the Patrice Cani @MicrObesity lab, for the publication of her excellent review on glycans, the mucus barrier and gut microbiota🦠, exactly what this ITN is all about! #glycotime https://t.co/Qx3RLmEAWB

2020-09-16 - Sweet Crosstalk ITN News

We are back! Although this Sweet Crosstalk ITN account has been silent for a while all the great glycoscientists in it have been hard at work across Europe on their research in challenging times. #proud Expect regular updates here from now on about our exciting work👍#glycotime

2020-07-09 - Sweet Crosstalk ITN News

RT @synBIOcarb: Fantastic start to our training event hosted by @CermavDirection. Thank you @SergePerez14, Annabelle Varrot & @MolinaroTony…