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2019-05-22 - Sweet Crosstalk ITN News

We are hiring! 15 PhD positions in Chemistry & Biology available across 7 European research institutes & 4 companies within the Sweet Crosstalk Glycoscience ITN. More info or apply via https://t.co/qd0WkKC5GG
Please share, thanks! #phd #vacancy #glycoscience #glycotime https://t.co/t7tTqzgVaF

2019-05-16 - Sweet Crosstalk ITN News

The Sweet Crosstalk ITN logo and a link to our website:
https://t.co/qd0WkKC5GG https://t.co/ngisMBiNpo

2019-05-15 - Sweet Crosstalk ITN News

Visit our website https://t.co/qd0WkKC5GG for info on our ITN and the15 available ESR (PhD) positions

2019-05-13 - Sweet Crosstalk ITN News

Hello Twitter! The @sweetcrosstalk ITN is alive and kicking!