Sweet Crosstalk


Dr. Tom Wennekes

Dr. Tom Wennekes (Main supervisor of projects: ESR1 & ESR8)

Tom is assistant professor at Utrecht University and his research group develops smart glycan-based chemical probes and glycotherapeutic leads. His group develops these molecular tools to study and perturb the activity of glycans and associated glycosyltransferases, lectins and glycosylhydrolases in healthy and pathological host-guest interactions, focussing on the human gut-microbiota interface. In his research he uses a unique combination of expertise in synthetic organic chemistry, inhibitor design, and chemical biology. He has published over 48 papers in international peer-reviewed journals, (H-index: 20; >1600 citations; 10 first and 10 corresponding author). He is the scientific coordinator of the Sweet Crosstalk ITN.

Tom is the main supervisor of ESR 1 & ESR 8 (click for info about each ESR project)

Contact: t.wennekes@uu.nl

For more info visit here and here.